set access rights for public folders on exchange 2007


After installing a new SBS 2008 server, i imported a public folder from an old SBS 2003 with Exchange 2003.

The public folder I imported contains many contacts. These contacts cannot be modified by normal users. They have no permissions to do that.
They can add new contacts and edit these new contacts, but contacts from the old server can't be modified.

Does anyone know where I can edit the permissions for public folder content

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This link provides guidance for configuring public folder permissions: 

Public Folder permissions can be set through Outlook. That is the easiest way and the way that I prefer to do it. You can set it through the server, but you will need to use PowerShell to set the Client Permissions. However to set the permissions you need to be an owner.
Until SP1 is released there is no Public Folder management in the GUI.

Check one of these:,,sid43_gci1172542,00.html

Faraz H. Khan
techneitsolutionsAuthor Commented:

Many thanks for the quick reply.

I have tried it via Outlook but I don't know how to do it. Can you say me where to look??

Kind Regards
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