Outlook 2007 losing connection to Exchange

I have one user who is losing connection to exchange and has to manually send and receive email. Also some mail in sent items is missing. Logging into OWA works fine and all mail shows up.

We are using outlook 2007 connecting to exchange 2007 on a SBS 2008 server.

I've tried creating a new profile and using this one. It works fine for a few hours then loses connection again?

Not sure what else to try.

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farazhkhanConnect With a Mentor Commented:

You may need to DISABLE the Synchronizing data in shared folders option and apply the GPO to the users in your domain.


Faraz H. Khan
rowdybeansAuthor Commented:
Thanks for info.

Its not a connection error where it asks for their username or password? It just says last updated folder at ..... Not showing "all folders up to date" as it normally would.

I also haven't installed any new software that may be causing firewall problems.

All service packs and updates are installed and rebooted server on Saturday after new updates.
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Are you directly conencted to LAN for this Exchange server or over the remote connection? Also do you find any specific log related to this event in event log of your system.

Faraz H. Khan
rowdybeansAuthor Commented:
I'm connected directly to LAN.

There is this in the event logs

Mapi session "/o=First Organization/ou=Exchange Administrative Group (FYDIBOHF23SPDLT)/cn=Recipients/cn=jtaylor" exceeded the maximum of 500 objects of type "objtFolderView".

Not sure what this means? But this is the user having trouble.
Sounds like a corrupt offline cache. Close outlook, rename their .ost to .ost.old and reopen outlook. It should redownload all the folders and then start working normally.
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