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SCCM deploying package message

Hi all!

I don't know how to inform users (installation is quiet):

Is it possible, when I advrtise a package and that package installes (quietly) and want restart, user get notification about it ? Something like when sccm install windows updates user get notification about restart and user is informed (countdown) when the computer will restart.

Also is it possible to edit that message: when user gets that notification about installed new package and computers restart and it appears on screen when it will restart ?

Both questions are connected.

Hope wrote clearly :)

Thanks for answers
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yes, there is a way... search half way down this link:  http://myitforum.com/cs2/blogs/socal/archive/2007/03/12/sccm-2007-how-to-site-configuration.aspx

text says this... and shows some screen shots on how to set this up....

"And for all those that requested this over the years  it has finally arrived you can customize the message that is displayed to the users when they are notified of a new advertisement. While it is not a great leap forward allowing you to input only the org name, and a short message for each type of notification, it is better than nothing. I altered these just to make sure it will display what I want and it looks like you are limited to 120 characters. "

msuser1Author Commented:
This solution is generaly for advrtisments, i need when i make silent install of office and after finished instalation before restart i need popup window in which i can write:

your computer has installed office and computer will restart in 10 minutes (just like for updates), is it possible, for each package ?

Yes, this is possible... if you can't use the generic messages (as linked to above), you need to create the pop up messages in your PACKAGE itself.

Though, I can't do this for you, I can describe the steps...

1) create the silent automated install (sounds like you alread have this done)  Sometimes, this is performed by just adding SWITCHES to the manufactures provided executables...  like /s for silent...  Other times, you create you own package in something like WISE Installation Studio or the SMS installer.

2) wrap you package in WISE or the SMS installer...  Here you put all of your code to complete the silent installation ; however, towards the end of the package, your create a popup message for the end user.  ..you can put something like this "your computer has installed office and computer will restart in 10 minutes".  Because you can created this wrapper in WISE or the SMS installer for each package, you can customize the text for each package.

3) create a package using the new package

4) advertise the package.

WISE:   http://www.wise.com/Wise/Products/Installations/WiseInstallationStudio.aspx

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