what should i do when CPU_BUSY is 98 in AIX machine

what should i do when cpu_busy=98 for a aix machine. what are the steps i have to take to resolve this problem?.
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woolmilkporcConnect With a Mentor Commented:
where did you get this cpu_busy value from?
Anyway, first use topas to identify the CPU-consuming process(es)
topas -P
and look at the top of the list.
Next steps depend on what you find there.
If you're able to identify the process, see if you can kill and restart it.
If you don't know what the process you found might be good for, please post the first few items of topas -P output.
It is possible that 98% busy is correct for the application running on this server. Check with someone who knows the application first before doing anything.
        is it newly build system? or existing live system?
if it is newly build system is build issue or application issue?

1.if system hosts existing live service then find process which is taking more cpus(with topas command as per woolmilkporkji update)

2. if process is related with application work with concern application team.

3. if process is related with system then find it with error process related to issue.

The attachment is having overall  Guidence flowchart for your view
PrajithAuthor Commented:
not bad
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