Does flagged email carry over when exporting/importing email?

I have a client who purchased exchange server. Preivously they were using Outlook on the workstations. I exported all the email and then imported it into Exchange. One of the users noticed that he couldn't find his flagged email. Does anyone know if this carry's over?

Thanks in advance!
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Cris HannaCommented:
So correct if me if I've misunderstood.  You have a customer who was using outlook on their desktop collecting mail from a Pop3 server somewhere?  In which case the email was already being saved to a .pst file on the desktop.  You simply could have added the Exchange account to their email profile, made it the default, then had them copy messages from the "Personal folder" to the Exchange Mailbox.  I suspect this  would have kept the flag.
Did you blow away the old mail profile on the desktop and create a new one for exchange?
Stacy SpearPresident/Principal ConsultantCommented:
How did you export it?

Been awhile but as I remember, if you create a new Outlook profile for the Exchange connection, then attach in the PST that was in use previously. When you drag those messages into Exchange, the flag goes with it.
aandoAuthor Commented:
The machine had to be formatted so that wasn't a possibility. I tested on another machine and the flags stayed with the email. It appears something happen with just his account. I think the problem could have stemmed from upgrading to a new outlook.
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