DTPicker VB6 event

I have a form with a datepicker on it.  I need some action is to be completed on this form as asson as I select the date.

Please take a look at the sample:

Private Sub dtpUnaudited_Click()
DatePickerEventPopulateCAControls CStr(dtpUnaudited.Value), "UNAUDITED"
End Sub

I have also tried dtpUnaudited_Change()

Neither of this events start  DatePickerEventPopulateCAControls routine.

Can somebody explain me why and help to resolve this issue?
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Brook BraswellApplication Development ManagerCommented:
the change should actually do what you want...
if you are having a problem then...
place a simple message box in each event so that you will know when it fires..

private sub dtpUnaudited_change()
   msgbox "you changed me to " & dtpUnaudited.value  
end sub

good morning!

try this event...

Private Sub dtpUnaudited_CloseUp()
    DatePickerEventPopulateCAControls CStr(dtpUnaudited.Value), "UNAUDITED"
End Sub

i hope i can give u some idea...

AquarusAuthor Commented:
It helped. Thanks
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