windows update cannot install .net framework and no network connection now?

Have  a sbs 2008 server that just is a file server. they went to do updates on it and it had trouble downloading and then could not install some of them. now it tries to configure updates forever when it restarts and no network connection is displayed and everything is lit and connected.  when i try to open network and sharing center the window freezes and i have to task manager it to get it to log off?  need some ideas?  thanks!

Also i need to add that most of the services are not starting and cannot restore it to a previous time because there are none?

This a brand new from dell 6 month old server with raid 1 and sbs 2008 windows server.
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Jason WatkinsConnect With a Mentor IT Project LeaderCommented:
SBS is an all-in-one package.  If you do not intend to use AD-DS and Exchange, then Windows Server 2008 would be a better option.  
Jason WatkinsIT Project LeaderCommented:

It sounds like the Windows installer got corrupt somehow.  If you can catch what Windows is trying to actually install, you could manually install the patch, by providing the installer exactly what it is looking for.  Either the System log or the Application log in the Event Viewer will show this.
Inbox360Author Commented:
found out why this was happeneing.  was trying to take active directory of sbs 2008 that comes preloaded with it and exchnage but i was not taking out the ad-ds role.  It messed up the dns so the whole server was freezing.  I took it off and now its ok but still having issues.  I guess it is not possible to have sbs 2008 and take off AD?? you could do it easy in 2003.  I guess we really need to buy windows server 2008 standard to make it a workgroup server or just convert everyoine to a domain with sbs? any input would be great
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