XP takes me back to welcome screen


I am working on a co-worker Panasonic CF-51 Laptop, this has a problem, when I turn it on, this tries to load the users settings but immidiatelly log me off.
I already tried using some solutons on your knowdlegde but did not for me.

Please let me know how to proced this Laptop is used to diagnostic tractors problems.

Agnes SevillaAsked:
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Agnes SevillaAuthor Commented:

I worked around userinit.exe but xp kicks me out to welcome screen

i do not what else to do.


Rob WilliamsCommented:
There is an issue where this occurs with XP due to the userinit.exe value in the registry getting changed and/or the userint.exe file in the system32 folder gets replaced. The repair is to replace these with a repair CD or 3rd party or remote registry tools.
See the bottom of the following EE link (not the accepted answer)
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