what is an acceptable amount of memory usage for Flash player 10?

I am struggling with an application showing memory leaks, and using the Flex Builder 3 profiler to check memory. Can anybody give me a general answer to the above question, for a new PC running 2 gigs of RAM and a good video card (256 M of RAM)?


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blue-genieConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I agree theres no standard answer to your question.
If you have an application that loads something and then sits and waits for a user interaction, i.e. a button click, but it runs at a high memory usage,I'd say yes you have a problem. If you're doing alot of server interactions, loops and intervals and timers etc, you'd have a high usage which would be expected.

if you just follow best practise and try to help the GC along by removing all references to non-required items explicitly you should be fine.

Actually it really depends from system to system as well as from content to content. Don't worry, as long as the Flash Player do not crash, the memory Flash uses is acceptable. If the memory used gets too high, Flash Player will crash itself.
72lionsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Well I've build a papervision 3d web app with AS3 and it didn't exceed 50MB of memory. The website runs smoothly and I believe that a 50MB of memory is a good number.

Now, depending on what you are building there will be memory outburst, but always be sure to remove all references and listeners of objects that you don't use so that the Garbage collector can remove them.

You can also check the following articles:

devinvailAuthor Commented:
Thank you for the references 72lions!
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