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Xenapp AMC Farm Unavailable Problem

I upgraded from Advanced to Enterprise and now the farm is showing up as unavailable in AMC.  Here is the error:

I did this and now I am getting the error below in AMC and it is saying the farm is unreachable.  Have you done this before and has this happened?  I did a search on this and found a few links but nothing that makes sense in my situation.


Information about the object specified by the alert could not be obtained from the Citrix MFCOM Service on the server used to discover the farm. Either the makeup of the farm has changed since the last time discovery was run, or a communication error occurred. This alert typically happens after starting the Access Management Console and loading information that was saved the last time the Access Management Console was run.


Possible causes are:

The makeup of the farm has changed since the last time discovery was run (for example, a published application was deleted, or a server was moved from one folder to another).
The Citrix MFCOM Service is not running on the server used to discover the farm
The Citrix IMA Service is not running on the server used to discover the farm
The server used to discover the farm cannot be contacted due to network problems
Your Citrix administrator account has been deleted, disabled, or does not have sufficient permissions to query information about the affected object
The server used to discover the farm has been renamed or removed from the farm


If the unreachable alert was generated for objects after loading a saved Access Management Console, this is probably due to changes in the farm since the console was last saved. First, attempt to re-run discovery using the same discovery server to update any out-of-date objects in the farm. If the discovery process fails an error message appears at the end of the Configure and Run Discovery wizard with details of the problem. This is very useful in diagnosing the problem.

If the unreachable alert still appears, or a saved Access Management Console was not used, attempt to re-run the discovery process in the Access Management Console but use a different server to discover the farm. If this is successful it implies that the issue lies with the server originally used to discover the farm or with the connection to that server. In this case do the following on the server originally used to discover the farm:

Check that the Citrix Independent Management Architecture (IMA) and Citrix MFCOM Services are running.
Check that the name of the server matches the name that was used in the discovery process.
Check that the server is a member of the correct farm and also check that your administrator account has the correct permissions.

If the Access Management Console fails to discover the farm no matter which server is used, perform the checks described above on each server in the farm. If everything appears to be fine then the mostly likely cause is the network, in which case consult your network administrator.

I have seen a few other links on this problem, but they all seem to be related to Hofix Rollup 4 and Application Steaming.  I am still on Hotfix Rollup 3 so I dont believe this is related.  They also talk about upgrading to the latest version of AMC as a possible fix.  How do I find out which version of AMC I am on and do I just run an install with no one else on the server once I have downloaded a more recent version?  Anyone else have any other ideas?
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Daniel BorgerSenior Citrix Engineer- CCEECommented:
I've seen this, make sure you have the latest version of the management console. you can check the version on 2003 in add\remove programs,citrix  management console
The console removal will not have any effect on the current users. It is simply managing what is in the Citrix datastore.
the console can be install on a workstation to test as well.
mattpayne59Author Commented:
Where can I find the latest version?  I am running 4.5 still and under Add/Remove Programs it shows Management Console for Citrix Presentation Server 4.5 and the version is 4.5.1.

I went to MyCitrix, Xenapp and then tried to install the one listed under Xenapp 5.0 called Access Management Console for Windows Server 2003 but it said all of the components are already installed.  Can you not upgrade AMC?  Do I have to uninstall it and all of its components to do an upgrade?  Or does that mean the version 4.5.1 is the same one I was trying to install?

Thank you for your help.
Daniel BorgerSenior Citrix Engineer- CCEECommented:
when you say upgraded what did you acually do? I know they changed the licensing for 4.5 and phased added features to advanced. I sems to recall that process was quit interesting. something like installing 4.5 platinum and then changing the version to 4.5. I had the link for the process but I'm not finding it.
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Daniel BorgerSenior Citrix Engineer- CCEECommented:
check this:

You should remove the previous versions of the console before installing.
Daniel BorgerSenior Citrix Engineer- CCEECommented:
mattpayne59Author Commented:
I uninstalled the previous version and then reinstalled the one in the link.  Still have the same problem.  The article you sent is dealing with Hotfix Rollup 4 and I have Hotfil Rollup 3.  There is a bug in 4 with screensavers and version 10 clients so I cant upgrade to that.  Any other ideas?
mattpayne59Author Commented:
I noticed the following error in the application event log:

Source: WSH
Event ID: 1
Citrix Monitoring Script Event 2
Citrix MetaFrame Session In Down State:
WMI error retrieving session object:
Received error: 0x8004100e: Invalid namespace [WBEM_E_INVALID_NAMESPACE]

Seemed to have been happening since I upgraded from Advanced to Enterprise.  I did an add/remove on Citrix and added the WMI Provider and now the error went away and the unreachable error is fixed also.  Thank you for your help.

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