Logitech G35 and Vista

Hello Experts :)

I just bought Logitech G35 headphones.
They installed on XP with no problems.

And now, here comes Vista.
I HATE vista.

1. My computer is updated with all updates from MS
2. Newest drivers for my G35 downloaded and installed.

Then I connect G35, every single time Vista says that this is a new hardware...
I select "Locate and install driver software (recommended).
Then vista says that my device is ready to use.

Then I get this message that I should disconnect and connect my G35 again.
When I do it, I go to point A.



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I never use a Windows based BIOS update. Too risky. I have enough door stops.
Do it the old way with a boot floppy.

This is what number 2 is about.
Basically the BIOS senses temps, some program uses the temps, and this program is the go-between program.
It's a permissions thing. Administrative Access is required to access the BIOS from Windows.

I've run into this STAC9227 sound chip before.
- If I remember right: The fix was to manually select the "Intel AC'97" driver from the standard Windows drivers list.
panJacekAuthor Commented:
Additional info:

When I try to install G35 sometimes I get message that Windows found drivers for my device but...

Access is denied.

I also get the same error message for:

"HID- compliant consumer control device"

Access is denied.

Hope it helps.

Did you install mainboard chipset drivers in Vista before running MS Updates?
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mostly your logitec has not supported with the vista. eventhough the driver that you installed may not be correct.
That's interesting.
The ads for it say it's Vista compatible right in them.
panJacekAuthor Commented:

I am pretty convinced that I have problems with motherboard drivers, I got this computer from friend and not sure if he ever installed MB drivers on it.

I found some drivers on intel website, they did not help though.

I will keep on trying installing motherboard drivers, maybe bios?

Have you got any idea of maybe a bundle of all drivers needed for Intel motherboard for socket 775?

I installed headphones drivers on my laptop with vista with no problems whatsoever.


Need to know the make/model of the board to help with that.
Socket 775 doesn't have to be an Intel made board and doesn't have to use an Intel made chipset.
panJacekAuthor Commented:
Will give you exact data today about six London time.

panJacekAuthor Commented:
Board: Intel Corporation DQ965GF AAD41676-402
Serial Number: BQGF708007PK
Bus Clock: 266 megahertz
BIOS: Intel Corp. CO96510J.86A.5773.2007.0206.0046 02/06/2007
panJacekAuthor Commented:
1.I tried to install the newest bios using windows installer but got an error message:

The program is unable to continue. Internal system error: There is a programming or internal problem.

2. Maybe I should try to solve another problem first:

In device manage I have: "Other devices: Unknown device". When trying to update it Windows says that:

Intel Management Engine Interface, Access is denied.

3. Automatic detection says that I need to update only sound card drivers, installing the drivers fails, it says that it cannot find appropriate hardware.

Any ideas?

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