Am not able to update ssl certificate on GroupWise 8.0 Webaccess

I am currently running GroupWise 8.0 on a windows 2003 machine. We are serving out the webaccess piece of GroupWise via the default IIS 6./0/tomcat 5.5 installation.
Recently our site certificate, used to secure connection via browsers, expired.
We purchased a new site certificate and applied it the default web in IIS.
As soon as we did the mail host was not accessible via a browser (GroupWise client continued working normally)
We are able to restore webacces interface by simply re-installing the old site certificate.
Both the old and new site certificates were purchased from GoDaddy. The only difference we are able to see is the old certificate uses 1024 encryption as opposed to the 2048 now required by GoDaddy.
Any ideas as to what we are missing.
Does tomcat need to be aware of the new certificate? if so how?

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ZENandEmailguyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The only things I can think of would be where/how did you generate a new CSR to send to GoDaddy?  Do you have the key as well as the certificate and did you install them correctly into IIS via the IIS services manager MMC?  Did you remove the expired cert first?  What does the Event Viewer show from an error perspective?

I recently assisted with adding a GoDaddy cert into three IIS servers and everything seemed to go well.

Tomcat doesn't care about the is all on the IIS server.

Doesn't help much but maybe it will get you thinking in a different direction and solve the problem...

RydellBAuthor Commented:
Thanks your response sent us in the right direction.
I was stuck on the fact that it was a GroupWise or Tomcat problem.
We checked the logs and the private certificate was not attached properly.
Quick fix and we were on are way.
Thanks again.
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