Job on seperate server is timing out

Hello experts,

I have a set of jobs that I run on one of our servers (Server 1).  One of the jobs executes a stored proc on another server (Server 2), but it not finishing.  Instead I received this:

OLE DB provider "SQLNCLI" for linked server "Server 2" returned message "Query timeout expired".

How can I prevent this?  The job is copying tables from Server 1 to Server 2.
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Stephan_SchrandtConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Open the 2. server instance in Management Studio and set server timeout in instance properties to a higher value (default is 600 seconds)
thewayne73Author Commented:
thanks.. but i'd rather not mess with the server 2.. that is our production server.  
From start of procedure to timeout, how many seconds elapse?
thewayne73Author Commented:
Thanks, I went ahead and did that for only the link that i'm using.
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