Lenovo T500 Win XP fresh install

Here at work we got two new Lenovo T500 laptops. We are trying to install a fresh install of Win XP. The only problem is we keep getting the blue screen. We found that in the BIOS by going to Config - Serial ATA (SATA) - Select Compatibility, this should work but still we get blue screen. Anyone know what else we can do?
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lupelealAuthor Commented:
Ok so I tried it on the second laptop and it worked like a charm. This is what I did.

This is where you go to download Intell Matrix storage manager driver.

   1. Start the BIOS Setup Utility menu.
   2. Select Config.
   3. Select Serial ATA (SATA).
   4. Select Compatibility.
   5. Install Windows XP and Service Pack 2.
   6. Download Intel Matrix Storage Manager Driver from the Web site and extract the driver to C:\DRIVERS\WIN\IMSM.
   7. Run Intel Matrix Storage Manager Driver. To do this, go to C:\DRIVERS\WIN\IMSM\PREPARE, and double-click install.cmd.
   8. Turn the computer off and then on again.
   9. Start the BIOS Setup Utility menu.
  10. Select Config.
  11. Select Serial ATA (SATA).
  12. Select AHCI.
  13. Start Windows XP. The Welcome to the Found New Hardware Wizard appears.
  14. Click No, not this time and click Next.
  15. Select Install from a list or specific location(Advanced), then click Next.
  16. Select Search for the best driver in these locations. Then select Include this location in the search:, specify the path, C:\DRIVERS\WIN\IMSM, and click Next. The Completing the Found New Hardware Wizard appears.
  17. Click Finish.
  18. When the System Settings Change window appears, click Yes. The computer restarts.
"We found that in the BIOS by going to Config - Serial ATA (SATA) - Select Compatibility, this should work but still we get blue screen. Anyone know what else we can do? "

Could you rephrase that?
You put your SATA HDD into compatibility mode? This usually does fix the problem, yes.
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NikSystems SpecialistCommented:
Setting SATA option from AHCI to Compatible should work.
Are you using Windows XP with SP3 integrated medium? According to Lenovo, BSOD happens if you're trying to install the OS with Windows XP CD or Windows XP CD with SP1 integrated.

Anyway, I have T500 laptop too. I'm curious, why XP mate?
lupelealAuthor Commented:
Using Windows XP CD with SP2. That's what we use here at work, plus the laptop comes with a lot of junk we don't need.
did you built that cd?
NikSystems SpecialistCommented:
If you don't need recovery partition from Lenovo. Boot from Vista or Windows 7 DVD and delete all partitions and recreate new partitions for your needs.

After that try to boot with Windows XP SP2 CD.

You can also try to use Windows XP SP3 CD. If you have a technet account, should be easy to download the latest image.
try downloading n-lite. build a new cd with sp3 and all drivers and windows updates needed. load that cd and see how it goes.
NikSystems SpecialistCommented:
You can also use this procedure:

I had only issues with nLite and although I know the author, I just never liked that application :(
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