Dell Latitude Z600 and Dual Monitors

We just received a new Dell latitude Z600 that has a wireless dock.  The dock only has one dvi adapter.  If I were to use a Y cable on this dvi adapter it would only support clone view and with degraded resolution.  Does anyone know if this model laptop support 2 External Monitors in Dual View Mode?
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Typically, laptops only support one external display as they come from the manufacturer.  Take a look at these links to see solutions others have used:

From what I could read on the specs from Dell's website is no. That laptop does not look like it comes with a graphics card rather it is using the integrated Graphics on the mother board. Unless you upgraded the graphics card I dont think it supports 2 monitors.
dheinleAuthor Commented:
Have you used this Matrox triple2go device?  Does it degrade the screen quality at all, does this work for all laptops?
Personally, I have not used it.  However, there are a number of experts on this site that have and are constantly answering this exact question with Matrox as the answer.  If you search this site (Experts-Exchange), you will find this is the most common solution recommended by far.

As for degradation of signal, check out the resolutions on the Matrox head.  I have heard no mention anywhere of signal loss through this box.  Keep in mind they are targeting gamers with this product.  Gamers wouldn't stand for signal loss.

This is the blurb on it:

Matrox TripleHead2Go DP Edition is an external multi-monitor upgrade for laptops, desktop computers and professional workstations. This small black box is ideal for corporate and graphics professionals that require extensive desktop space to take full advantage of cutting edge applications, business users looking for maximum productivity increases through a multi-monitor setup, and gamers that want to experience totally immersive gaming. TripleHead2Go DP Edition offers native support for DisplayPort equipment, providing a pure digital signal from system to monitors that delivers high performance in a small and energy-efficient package. Whether on a PC or Mac, TripleHead2Go connects to the system's monitor output, and offers two or three monitor modes and/or widescreen options, supporting resolutions of up to 3840x1200 (dual 1920x1200) or 5040x1050 (triple 1680x1050).
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