Assign existing mailbox to new AD user

We have a UserA whose AD account has apparently become corrupted as it locks out every few minutes and can never be reliably logged on to.
UserA also has an Exchange 2007 mailbox,

We need to assign UserA a new logon ID, UserA1
But we need to keep his existing Exchange2007 mailbox, UserA, and somehow tie his new user ID, UserA1 to the existing Exchange2007 mailbox, UserA.

Is this do-able? Please explain - thanks!
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Expand Recipient Configuration
Highlight and right click Disconnected Mailbox, select Connect to Server...
Click Browse to connect to an Exchange server
Select the target Exchange server
Click Connect
Right-click the users mailbox and select Connect&
Select User Mailbox and Next
Select Existing user radio button
Search and select target user and click Ok
Click Next
Validate summary and click Connect
Click Finish
If the account is repeatedly locking out, I'd be looking to find out what the account is logging into incorrectly rather than assuming corruption. Cached credentials on the user's workstation - - would be one thing to check. Another would be the System Event Logs on your Domain Controller(s), specifically the lockout events, to see what machine is producing the lockout for the problem account.
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You can simply delete the user & while deleting don't select the delete mailbox option. Give sometime for changes to replicate ,create the user & connect the mailbox.
You can export the mailbox using Export-Mailbox cmd in powershell,delete the user,create the new user,import the mailbox using Import-Mailbox & its been done.
Check for conficker worm into your network if there is account lockout issue is happening. 
jn1480Author Commented:
Do I delete the user from Exchange Management Console or from Active Directory Users and Computers?
When I delete the user, will it prompt me to NOT delete the mailbox?
When we disable a mailbox in Exchange Server 2007 we are removing the exchange attributes of this mailbox, but the user remains in Active Directory. To disable a mailbox you should:

Open Exchange Management Console
Expand Recipient Configuration
Click on Mailbox
Choose a mailbox and click on Disable in the Actions pane (Figure 05)
On the Microsoft Exchange page, a new message dialog box will appear asking if we really want to disable that user, click on Yes to continue (Figure 06). Mailbox will be marked for removal.

...Then you can link the mailbox to a different user (before the mailbox is purged; check your retention policies!).

We can also remove a mailbox, but be aware that removing a mailbox will also delete the object in Active Directory
jn1480Author Commented:
Thanks guys!
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