Format VMWare Disk?

I am setting up a new virtual server for our SAV 10.2 management server to replace our existing one that is shared - I loaded up a VMWare Server 2.0 with Server 2008 & got it all ready to install only to find that SAV Server DOES NOT support Server 2008 (how stupid).  So, I need to put on Server 2003 instead.  Is there a way with the free version of VMWare to format the disk or chose to boot the mounted ISO during boot up?  I just need to format & start over, but would prefer not wait until tonight to create a new disk.  

Please advise.
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In the VM's settings of the CD Drive you can select the local or remote drive, or an iso in the datastore or on the PC you connecting with. You then just have to make sure the virtual BIOS is set to start from the CD drive and then the setup starts with which you can also delete any partitions and create new ones.
rustyrpageAuthor Commented:
Yeah - I figured out how to edit the file to give me more time to press F2 - all good now - thanks!
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