Receiving emails twice on my Blackberry Curve.

Ive been receiving my emails from my MS Exchange Server 2007 since I got my Blackberry Curve about 8 months ago.  Now I have installed the BlackBerry Professional Software on my Exchange 2007 server so I can not only receive emails but calendar items as well.
The problem is that I now receive every email twice.
How do I remove the original email account and only keep the Enterprise Activation with my BlackBerry Profession Software?
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LionOfJudah80Connect With a Mentor Commented:

Chances are you set it up through the web browser on the phone.  I believe it's under the "Configure E-Mail Account"  - it half sets up your BIS account - you have to call Verizon and have them reset the PIN / IMEI on your account so you can get into the BIS account.  Chances are this why it's happening though.
Did you have this email address setup on the Blackberry Internet Service prior to using the Enterprise activation?  If so chances are you still have the emails coming in via the Blackberry Internet Service.  You can log into your Blackberry Internet Service account and simply disable that email account.  The website typically varies depending on your cellphone carrier.  Here are a few of the major carrier BIS websites.


If none of those apply - try going to google and typing in "<cellphone provider> blackberry internet service".
RonSanderson17055Author Commented:
Apparently I didnt use the BlackBerry Internet Service. I went to the Verizon site and requested my password by entering my pin and it email me telling me that I dont have a username and password.

I think maybe I setup a pop account on the blackberry but I cant remember how I did it.
RonSanderson17055Author Commented:
Thank you so much. This was 100% the right answer. All is taking care of. Now I can work through my Christmas vacation.
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