Free Tool to Generate Group Membership List

I am looking for a free tool that would generate report of Group Membership.

Thank you very much.
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Justin OwensITIL Problem ManagerCommented:
Are you wanting something that enumerates AD and generates a complete report of all Groups, or are you wanting something that gives you a report of one group?

The easiest way to do it is if you can use the Quest AD cmdlets and use Get-QADGroupMember from here:  
 If you need to do it with code then  
 $group = [ADSI] "LDAP://cn=Accounts,ou=AllGroups,dc=starking,dc=org"  
 foreach ($member in $group.member)  

If your group has over 1000 members, this will only grab the first 1000.  If you need more than that, try these sources:

Enumerating Groups That Contain Many Members  
 Enumerating Members in a Large Group  
 Searching Using Range Retrieval  
 Attribute Range Retrieval

we are using dumpsec to generate reports it a free and very complete reporter
you can find it here
DonNetwork AdministratorCommented:
Here is a script from farhan that gets all group members to a file

* Following batch script will get all the members of groups that are specified in Groups.txt file.
* It will generate a file on C: drive root with name GroupMembers.txt having all members information.
* Copy and paste following script in notepad and save it with .BAT extension.

Forgot the code

@Echo Off
IF NOT EXIST C:\groups.txt Goto ShowErr
FOR %%R IN (C:\groups.txt) Do IF %%~zR EQU 0 Goto ShowErr
IF EXIST C:\GroupMembers.txt DEL /F /Q C:\GroupMembers.txt

FOR /F "delims=#" %%g in (C:\groups.txt) Do (
      Echo Retrieving members of group: %%g
      Echo Retrieving members of group: %%g               >>C:\GroupMembers.txt
      DSQuery group -name "%%g*" | dsget group -members >>C:\GroupMembers.txt
      Echo. >>C:\GroupMembers.txt

Goto EndScript
Echo C:\groups.txt file does not exist or file is empty!

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