Vmware ESX - Performance Charts: Past Week/Month


For some reason when I view the performance charts of a VM or host, it will not display charts for the past week, month or more even though the servers have been running for a year plus now.

It states that there is "Performance data is currently not available for this entity".

Advice ?

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andossConnect With a Mentor Commented:
From the VI Client select the ESX server then go to Configuration tab.
On the left under 'Software' there is Time Configuration click that and then on the right you will see the Current ESX Date & Time and if there is an ntp server it's pointing to.
If the time is correct on all your ESX servers then that won't be the problem.
I've seen this problem when ESX server time is incorrect.
Do you have your ESX servers pointing to an ntp server? Checked if time is atleast close to accurate?
ACIARAuthor Commented:
I must have missed this last response - I will have to check the ESX server time.

How do I check if the ESX server is pointing to a ntp server ?
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