Export names and contact info from SOFTPRO PROFORM

I have never used this software but have a customer using it in their office to track their clients..  

Is there an easy method to export people and companies that are in this software to an Excel or CSV format?  Or some way to get at it another way?  

The version is ProForm enterprise edition ent 6.0.30923.

I did speak with the customer support about this last week and was not given *specific* info, but they did tell me we'd need to use an ODBC connection to access the data and it sounded as though it may be in SQL.  I don't know where the db is stored or anything about this - so I am looking for the most simpliefied answers available.  (I can only assist my customer remotely, which makes this even more challenging.)

Any info that could take me from where I am (know nothing about it) to getting the data into Excel (buyers/sellers/address or contact info) would be great.
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Bill BachConnect With a Mentor PresidentCommented:
According to this web site:
The database does appear to be in Microsoft SQL Server, or perhaps MSDE.

First, check to see if you have an ODBC data source already created.  Go to the control panel's ODBC Administrator and look for a data source already defined.  If you have one, then you should be able to connect to it from Excel directly and read all of the data back out of it.  If you're not sure which table it might be in, then you'll need to do some digging -- just try importing ALL records from each table that you see there.  Or, try linking with Microsoft Query and use the query builder to peruse the data.
aaepaAuthor Commented:
I'm still working on it but due to the Christmas holiday their offices have been closed.  I tried pulling in EVERYTHING to Excel and didn't get any valuable data.  There were only 2 databases listed as present and I tried both.  
I think the answer does probably lie somewhere in there though.  In my own research and from talking with them it *sounds like* it may be really difficult to do without assistance from SoftPro support.
Merry Christmas.   :)
aaepaAuthor Commented:
Thanks for being the only one to volunteer to help with this.  I think you've given me something to look at, anyway... Excel may be the key there, as you said; I'm not sure why it pulled no useful data (it pulled in what looked like IDs to fields rather than the fields themselves, but the field list didn't look helpful either).  I will keep plugging away - after 1/4/09.

Happy New Year!
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