DSL Modem won't assign router an IP address

HELP!  I am working with a friend who has a Verizon Westel 6110F Bridge Modem.  We are on the central coast of California. The services assigns DHCP addresses.

The DLink 614+ Wireless Router worked great with the service. It snagged an IP address from Verizon and happily assigned 192.168.1.xx DHCP addresses to connected devices.  The DLink got unplugged for several hours.... so far, no problem. I had the friend plug his computer directly into the Westel 6110F DSL modem and he was up and running.  

Several hours later, I went by. I found the DLINK not plugged in and plugged it in and all lights came on, so far, so good. I then unplugged the PC from the Westel 6110F and plugged it back into the DLINK.  I then plugged the DLINK back into the DSL Modem.

Here's the serious problem. The Westel 611-F DSL modem will NOT assign the DLINK an IP address. I've tried another router and same result. The router simply cannot obtain an iP address from the DSL modem.  Then, I plug the PC directly back into the DSL modem, and the PC can get a DHCP IP address assigned to the PC just fine.

Tried replacing the cable between the DLINK WAN port and DSL modem with a crossover cable, no luck. Tried another straight thru Ethernet cable, no luck. Now I'm back to the original configuration and cables and the issue continues. No problem with the PC getting assigned an IP and gateway address directly from the DSL Modem, but both my router cannot get an address. I've dried using the Router's DHCP Release and Renew buttons. The release says it works, but Renew times out every time.  

Could really use some help here.
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lanboyoConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Verizon may have locked down the installation to the MAC address of the PC. Do other PCs work on the connection or just the 1 single PC?

If it seems that only the PC works you need to disgise the mac address of the router's wan connection to look like the PC. Usually there is a menu option to clone the mac address of the PC to  the mac address  of the wan port of the router. This would require connecting to your dlink from the inside lan network with the EXACT PC that currently works, and doing the clone mac or whatever series of configurationsteps that do this function.

If there is only a way to manually set the mac address, you will need to do an ipconfig /all on the working pc, write down the mac address of the ethernet connection, and manually plug it into the router.

The mac is a 12 character hexadecimal number like 00:11:22:33:44:FF but can beseparated in various ways... 0011.2233.44FF  whatever. It uniquely identifies ethernet hardware (in theory as you can see).

Also just in case, don't be insulted or anything, make sure the router is connected to the modem on it's WAN or External port, and not one of the grouped hub ports.
Have you powered off the DSL/cable modem? Often these devices will only alow a single device to be connected to it, and will lock on the first mac address it sees. Power off the modem wait 10 seconds and power it back on. If this does not work the ip provider might have done a mac address lock. Put the dlink back in place, connect to its admin screen from the pc previously connected to the modem and find the "clone mac" option.
GaryJayAuthor Commented:
Lanboyo...  Yes, I have both powered off the DSL modem and back on AND reset it with a small reset button.  Let me clarify before I try it. Are you saying I should clone the PC address to the DLINK router and that perhaps, the service will think it is assigning an IP address to the PC that was connected to it?
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Plug them all in as they were then reboot them all in a top down order.

I believe if you went into the config settings of the DLINK router it will have it's own static IP as 192.168.1.x (probably 1) Is that not the case? You are sure the DLINK router is being assigned an IP from DHCP? Or is meant to be assigned one from DHCP in any case.
GaryJayAuthor Commented:

The DLINK router has it's own static IP as the gateway/router address as they always do. That is how I am able to log onto it. Normally, if I log onto it, I see the section under WAN and it would show the DHCP address assigned by Verizon Wireless (it changes every few days automatically.) The DLINK router then assigns DHCP addresses starting with to devices plugged into it or wireless devices connected to it. But I think this is the way it is supposed to work. The router gets assigned the DHCP address from Verizon central office through the Westel DSL modem and then the DLINK assigns private network DHCP IP addresses.  Am I missing anything?  I did, today, plug the devices in this exact order.

Reset DSL modem. Wait until the DSL light says on steady.

Turn on DLINK router (which causes the Data light to light on the DSL modem.) Wait until self-test completes and the lights on the DLINK stableize.

Turn on PC.  

The PC gets an IP address from the DLINK router, as it should. BUT, the DLINK router never gets an IP address from Verizon.
Since you are telling me the Westell Modem works fine when connected directly to the PC. Indicates that the Modem is no longer in "bridge" mode. If the modem doesnt stay in bridge mode, it wont be able to assign the WAN ip to the router directly.
To bridge the modem, reset the modem and most modems go into bridge mode by doing so. Or you may have to access the modem and then bridge it through the modem interface.

Also to add to the above,

The Following is small pic as to how it should be.
GaryJayAuthor Commented:
Thanks to all. I am going to try these solutions tonight and will let all know what worked. More to come...
GaryJayAuthor Commented:
I'm up and running!  Thank you!!!
GaryJayAuthor Commented:
Oh... I guess I should share a little more so this can be a more useful thread. Verizon does indeed lock down the MAC address in their system... at least for a few hours. So to avoid this problem if you are debugging a router problem and need to move between the router connected to the DSL modem and your PC connected to the DSL modem, you need to follow this advice and clone the PC address to the router. OR, from what I understand, you could simply leave the device unplugged for a certain amount of time (it's unknown how long) and then Verizon DSL system will assign an IP address to the device with the new MAC address.  Of course if you want to then switch back, you have to wait again if you haven't cloned the MAC address.
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