Hi X-perts,

I have BSOD with a brand new Dell notebook (delivered just 4 days ago). The symptoms:

1) It randomly crashes with UNEXPECTED_KERNEL_MODE_TRAP, Bug Check Code 0x0000007f

2) Crash may happen when working with any different applications or just in an idle mode.

3) I have had 7 BSOD for the last 3 days

4) Dell hardware tests run OK

5) A few times it showed a distorted color-line screen before BSOD (probably a video card?)

What could be a problem? I have already arranged a replacemenet with DELL, but wanted to make sure that it is not software related.

My trap code is 0x00000008, or Double Fault

Any suggestions, please?

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John GriffithConsultantCommented:
Please attach the dump files - copy them out of \windows\minidump to \documents, then upload/ attach.  My guess - you have an Internet Security product installed that is causing the 0x7f bugcheck.  The 0x8 double-fault simply means that the error handler was busy when an exception occurred, the CPU "realized" a no-win situation and signaled a double-fault.
Happy Holidays!
what peripherals did you install?  
andy7789Author Commented:
Thank you guys!

after playing around I have realized that it could be caused by ZoneAlarm. I uninstalled it and there are no BSOD for a day or so. I am trying to overload my new PC with tons of running applications to see if it breaks somewhere. So far so good.

BTW, I installed Comodo firewall instead. It looks as a much better product.

Best wishes to everyone!
John GriffithConsultantCommented:
Glad to hear at least one day BSOD-free.
Best wishes for a Happy Holiday season.
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