Grooved Writing

Does anyone know of a font or technique  that gives the appearance of the characters being carved into a plastic or wood background with a sharp tool?   In the same vein, Andy Clarke has an interesting effect at where it looks like the writing is formed by pealing off the top layer of wallpaper.  (Fig 1).  If you look at the letters in detail (Fig 2) it looks like it was done with white highlighting added  at just the right places.  Do you think Andy touched up each character or is there a font around that does something like this?

Thanks for your thoughts

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brunoConnect With a Mentor Commented:
check out #3 at this link, they actually walk you through how to create that same effect:
Chris StanyonCommented:
Hi Steva,

I don't think there's any special effect on this font. I think it's just the way it's been created within the graphics app (i.e Photoshop or similar). It may have a slight emboss, and then saved off as a PNG which keeps the background transparent.

It's certainly not done in CSS!
stevaAuthor Commented:

Great stuff!  I'm limited to what I can do with Fireworks CS4 but I found "inner shadow" in the help file so i may be ok.

Thanks a million.
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