Faxes (TIFF) are blank on Windows Server 2003 Fax Server when receiving from clients who fax using their PC's

I have a client who has a Windows 2003 Server that is also acting as their fax server. The server has a Brooktrout 4-port fax card installed, and is using 3 of those ports. It is configured to receive faxes on all three of those ports, through the Windows Fax Service. It is configured to put those faxes into shared folders on that server in TIFF form.

If my client has people on the outside fax to their server using regular fax machines, the faxes receive fine and the TIFF files are able to be read by my client through the shared folders.

If those outside people fax from their computer to the fax server, however, the faxes show as received but the TIFF files are blank.

If those outside people fax from their PC to regular fax machines that my client has, those regular fax machines receive the faxes fine.

If my client tries to fax from their PC to their fax server, the TIFF files are blank. If they fax from one of their fax machines to the fax server, the TIFF files are fine.

Does anyone have any idea why the TIFF files are showing up blank on the fax server when people try to fax using their PC's?

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jbridgman-qdsConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Alright, finally convinced the client to purchase Dialogic support.

I contacted Dialogic support, and the first thing they had me try was disabling the V.34 protocol on the Brooktrout card. Lo and behold, that fixed the problem.

I honestly don't know why V.34 was the problem...maybe it's pickier with the type of fax traffic it receives? Anyway, problem solved for now.

Thanks for the suggestions, everyone.
Which version are you using?  I found this link http://www.captaris.com/cms_resources/html_files/ReadMe_RF87sp3.htm which mentions issues resolved by SP3.
Michael PfisterCommented:
I'd recommend to update the Brooktrout drivers. But it seems they 've been bought and now you can't download them from web anymore... maybe you can conatct support and get a current driver for your card.
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jbridgman-qdsAuthor Commented:
The drivers that are installed are the latest ones available for the Windows Shared Fax service, according to the website below (must have a Dialogic username and password to see):

Michael PfisterCommented:
I'm running out of ideas.
I've no access to the dialogic pages. But google shows:

Issue that can cause Microsoft® Shared fax to print blank pages ... or Dialogic® Brooktrout® TR1034 Fax Board is installed in a Windows® 2003 R2 SP1 server, ...

Don't know if that helps.
jbridgman-qdsAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the suggestion, but it just says to make sure the Brooktrout Shared Fax Service is on the latest version (1.0.6), which it is.

I might have to convince the client to buy a service/support plan from them so we can talk to their technical support team about this...I was hoping to avoid having to do that, but this is definitely a weird issue.
Michael PfisterCommented:
Good luck...
It would seem to be a codec problem, I have had this in the past

the sending and recieving computers are using different tiff codecs

See http://imagecodecs.wordpress.com/
Fax machines all tend to use an industry standard codec but computer systems do not,

Also found that Java installed can have a detrimental effect on Codecs as they over write MS standard
jbridgman-qdsAuthor Commented:
Are you suggesting removing Java from the server, even though Java is needed for other things on the server such as Cisco configuration utilities? Or is there a way to reinstall the MS standard tiff codec?
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