How do I set up my exchange server to send and receive using diferent domains.

Here is what I want to do. I own several domains and I would like to set up my Exchange (SMTP) server in such a way that I can send from diferent addresses and receive from those drifferent addresses on the same mailbox, example....

I have these two emails...

I want to be able to go into my outlook and be able to select from witch email address I want to send the email from and when I receive a replay or when somebody sends me an email have them go to the same INBOX.

How would I go about doing something like this?
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gupnitConnect With a Mentor Commented:
This is what you need to do at Server Level Needless to say you will have to take care of your MX records etc
And a comprehensive step by step guide by Simon Butler is here
Burns2007Connect With a Mentor Commented:
That's only half of it.

Exchagne natively WON'T let you choose which of your SMTP addresses the mail comes from, it comes from teh defautl SMTP address only.

So you configure exchange with multipel allowed domains as per gupnit's response.
After this the options are:
Have 2 mailboxes, I with the email, 1 with

You can set up mail forwarding etc betweenthem so all emails come to 1 mailbox, no problem. When you send it, you use the From field to choose the 2nd mailbox, so it comes from that SMTP address.

That's messy, but the only way Echange supports it afaik.

Alternatively, you have 1 mailbox with multiple address configured. you use a 3rd party tool such as ChooseFrom:

Which uses a transport event sink (like an Exchange "plugin") to allow you to choose whihc of the multipel SMTP addresses you ahve on your mailbox to send from, instead of forcing it to be teh default one.
peakpeakConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you will be using Outlook in conjuction with your Exchange server you can set the 'send on behalf'  or the 'send as' permission and send in another user's name. Read more here:
elperrilloAuthor Commented:
Thank you, all your comments helped me.
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