Backup exec 12.5 issues

We have a single server environment with Backup Exec 12.5.  (Small company about 7 people)  We have been able to backup files, shares and databases, but not system state, since a power outage last week.  (Needless to say I have 1 good backup of the system state form a week ago)  I keep getting an "access is denied" error for the system state during the backup, but when I test the credentials, everything is kosher.  I have used the SYSTEM account, domain admin , and back operator accounts with no luck.   Symantec doesn't even have an answer (Error code is V-79-57344-65149).    Has anyone ever seen this?  We are also using Endpoint.  The client updated everything on their own, so we had no control over what they did.  The Windows event log has been useless.

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networkmgmtAuthor Commented:
Gents, thanks for the helpful comments.  It turns out some files with backup Exec were corrupt.  Unistalled, reinstalled and reupdated and everything was fine.  
just to narrow things down, are you able to take a system state backup with NTbackup
Just a wild guess, but such happens when the file system is corrupt after a power outage. Files can be seen in the explorer but you can't read and delete them.
You should do an chckdsk /f on all disks for safety.
Do you have BackupExec 12.5 SP3 installed along with the latest hot fixes (327039 & 334837)?

Since installing those hot fixes last week on a domain controller we have not been able to backup the system state, we are getting the same error code you have.
We have a call opened with Symantec but so far do not have a fix for the problem.

This seems to be a common issue after installing those hot fixes...

The fix in our case was to add the BackupExec service account to the Domain Admins global group (it was a member of the builtin "domain local" administrators group).

Hotfix 334837 exposed the "Active Directory" object under System State which had not been available before the hot fix (using the permissions we had set) but the service account did not have access to the object and the backup failed.
This also means that we were not getting a complete backup of the active directory before the hot fix so at least some good came from installing the latest patches.
Since adding the service account to the Domain Admins global group the backup is running correctly for us.
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