How to find javascript function in the sharepoint advanced search webpart

: I want to include my javascript function in one of the advanced search webpart's java script functions but I cannot find them. When I do page view source I see lot of Javascript rendered in the page. Where that javascript functions are coming for example one of the function by name
ReSetPageHashcode() javascript function but I cannot find in advance.aspx or advancepagelayout.aspx.
Any ideas please...

Note: The webpart is out of box sharepoint webpart.
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rdcproConnect With a Mentor Commented:
A lot of that javascript is emitted by ASP.NET and SharePoint controls.  You can register your own javascript code on a page.  
See the attached snippet for an example of how to emit javascript.  Depending on where you put this in your code, you can have the script registered on the first load of the page or on postback.  
Mike Sharp

// create a string to hold the javascript
string embedClientScript = "<script>alert('it worked!');</script>";
string clientScriptKey = "UniqueName";

// This works, but is obsolete

// First check to see if the javascript block has already been registered.
if (!Page.IsClientScriptBlockRegistered(clientScriptKey))
	Page.RegisterClientScriptBlock(OpenScriptKey, embedClientScript);

// This is the current implementation

ClientScriptManager script = Page.ClientScript;

if (!script.IsClientScriptBlockRegistered(this.GetType(), clientScriptKey))

	script.RegisterClientScriptBlock(this.GetType(), clientScriptKey, embedClientScript);


Open in new window

Install "JSView" addon in Firefox
then open you URL in firefox,

This add-on will show all javascripts separately. and you can find your function easily

vmandemAuthor Commented:
It is not the question of finding the javascript function seperatly on a page but where those javascript functions are coming from and rendered on that page.
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