What do you think about Microsoft Security Essentials vs. other AV's?

What do you guys think about this one? I know its free but it is good? Anyone used that?
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CSecurityConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Nod32 is also good, but I do malware and exploit analysis every day. I have bunch of undetected/unknown malwares which perfectly works on Eset's products, bypasses them, but they can't bypass Kaspersky Internet Security 2010. I don't have a good malware sample which doesn't trigger anything on KIS 2010. All of them fires events, like KIS says, it tries to create startup object, tries to have full memory access (SDT restore), etc. etc.

From what I experienced I ONLY suggest KIS 2010 and Avira for it's Heuristic engine, but it's firewall is not so secure.

Anyways... I don't want to say Nod32 or Eset products or weak, they are so light and good, just I have malwares which bypasses Nod easily, but can't bypass KIS 2010. That's all I wanted to add... Also I should mention you shouldn't worry too much about it... You'll not get these type of malwares in your computer, I think Nod32 also will fit your needs
That's nothing... Simply useless! Nowadays ONLY AVs which have really great heuristic engines would survive. We get daily new malwares and their variants. All newbie malware coders now encrypt/obfuscate their code easily using a alot of resources on web. So AVs with some signature based scanning and daily updates, etc. is useless.

Like Microsoft's one. AFAIK it doesn't have heuristic, even if it have, it's pure. Simply forget that one.

Use a REAL AV, with heuristic engine, like: Kaspersky, Avira, and...

If you see malware developers forum, when they create new malware and they try to sell, they put VirusTotal image of their malware, I mostly see Avira and Kaspersky detected them and some others, so simply use Kaspersky which have a really good self defense, rootkit detection, heuristic scan, etc.
First of all, only using A/V protection is false security.  If you are a home or small business user, and if you don't understand how malware is propogated and how to avoid it manually, or if you just have kids using your PC, you must have a full Internet security solution, whether you buy it all from one vendor or not.  You need adware protection, a firewall, as well as A/V.
The package I recommend to my clients, which also meets CSecurity's requirements, is ESET's Smart Security 4.  http://www.eset.com
It does it all and has just a small impact on your PC.
If you are going to go the free route, you won't find many (if any) with a heuristic engine, and none of the free packages do it all, so you will have to manage products from multiple vendors.  I do not recommend any of the free stuff, so you'll have to wait for other recommendations.
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Tiras25Author Commented:
Hi guys, this is for the home office and especially for the gamers.  What would you think the best for gamers so it doesnt affect the performance, not for a second.  

Normally gamers never have AV on their systems and prefer just to reformat HD and reinstall once a month or so:-) However, then they realize its a time consuming and a pain to install all updates and stuff..
splaitConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you don't care about Internet security, since you haven't mentioned it in this thread and I discussed in my first post, then NOD32 from ESET is better for minimal interference than most others.  Any A/V software will have SOME impact on the system.  Just make sure you schedule scans when everyone is asleep!
Tiras25Author Commented:
Thx!!  That's exactly what I wanted to hear!!!
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