Open TCP Ports in Windows 7

Hello, I am installing Oracle Middleware on a Windows 7 machine and it needs to have some ports available. These ports are currently closed on my machine and I am unable to find a way to open them. I have tried creating inbound and outbound rules in Windows firewall to open port 7001 and even stopping the fire wall service, all to no avail.

I have been getting some help from Microsoft support and they suggested port forwarding on my router which has also not managed to open the port. Most importantly, I will be using my laptop both as the server and the client for the application server it will not be connected to the router or to an external network.

Any help will be most appreciated.
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rambabaConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I have figured out what my problem was. I was running port scans that kept saying the ports were closed because there was nothing listening on those ports. I used TcpPortTester.cs from an answer by tgerbert and was able to see the ports open using FreePortScanner. Thanks.
NikSystems SpecialistCommented:
What type of router do you have?
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