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redirect subfolder on startmenu

is is possible to redirect a sub menu of the start menu to a network share?  I have technical manuals that need to be available to all systems.  these manuals change regularly so I would need to be able to add and remove shortcuts easily.  would it be possible to create a start menu folder called manuals which would be on all computers and would be pointed to one location for all computers?  Can this be done with group policy so I don't have to go around to each system and create the folder manually?
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I think you'll need to write a batch file and put that in your logon script.

For instance:

net use x:\\server\sharedfolder

where x is de letter you want to give

iepaulAuthor Commented:
that just maps a drive. i want to have a menu on the start menu that gets its shortcuts from a network share. i want to push this start menu out to all users.
Yes, you can do this... here is how it will go...
1) create a shortcut to the networked path on your desktop
2) copy the shortcut to C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\StartMenu\....
The user will now see a new entry on their start menu.... but that's not all....  Instead of just clicking on the shortcut to get to where they are going, they'll click on the shortcut and then get offered a "subdirectory" called "target".   When they click on that.... then they'll get where they need to be.
Hey, it's not perfect, but it works.
iepaulAuthor Commented:
No suitable answer

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