Searching OC4J logs in Oracle Enterprise Manager 10g

Dear Experts,

I would like to view all java errors for my web application (and ideally count up and graph the different types of error, but that might be somewhat harder).

We are running Oracle Enterprise Manager 10g and I can get to the log for my application fine, and am then given an option to view the log, or search it. When I view it I can see various errors being thrown - e.g. Servlet error java.lang.NullPointerException etc.

However, when I search the log for the past 8 weeks (which includes these error messages as I can see through viewing) either by ticking the boxes (Error, internal error) or using a regular expression (typing in *Servlet error* into the reg expression box - I get 'No Log Messages Found'. Which I know is untrue.

Any ideas what I'm doing wrong ? Also if anyone knows of a tool to parse an OC4J log file containing java errors (not apache logs) please let me know.

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Shaju KumbalathDeputy General Manager - ITCommented:
Shaju KumbalathDeputy General Manager - ITCommented:
Check this folder

COMPSUPPAuthor Commented:
The answer was vague, but pointed me in the right kind of direction.
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