How to restrict SBS2003 OWA acess to internal use only for a a subset of users

I have a Small Business Server 2003,one NIC and 20 something users.

A few new users have no dedicated workplaces and dont need Outlook so they get OWA instead. Some ppl in management have Outlook internall and use OWA externally, but the new users should only use OWA internally.

So, how do I restrict OWA to internal use only for a subset of my users?



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The only option you have then is hoping your managers have static (or whatever looks like static enough) ip addresses at their home adresses, but then they will only be able to work there, so tbh that's not the best of all solutions to..

You could try and disable all access to the OWA website externally and get the management to use VPN, that way you might be able to restict access to OWA. As far as i can see you don;t have any other options... And ISA was because that's the only way in which you can block access internally by using your domain credentials (that i now off, all other firewalls have build in user databases).
To be honest i don;t believe there is an option of doing this, because you allready allow some users internal access, which means they are able to access the OWA weblink. If your company allows access to this site externally, you cannot block access to it without using any sort of firewall.. If you have ISA, you can use web publishing rules allowing only a specifeid set of users into your domain from externally..

Do you have a FE-BE Exchange configuration?
ola_erikAuthor Commented:
Hi rhandels, I don't have ISA and only one SBS2003 server. Hmm, looks like I'm running out of options, hate to be "creative" with SBS also...

My initial thought wat that there could be IP restriction groups/ permissions for users since these users should only access the server internally. I do route external traffic with PAT through a HW router, so maybe the IP thing is dead already there...

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An ISA server is your only choice here.
Nothing else can do a per server control of OWA access where internal and external are different.

ola_erikAuthor Commented:
ok then, thx ppl
ola_erikAuthor Commented:
hmm ,cant share point it seem, well, thx,
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