Entourage can't connect to Exchange 2003

We had a domain issue this morning where we had to re run the prep o install a domain controller to get the security policy sorted.

Since that happened. our 3 macs in the company can't coonnect to exchange.  They're running Entourage 2004 and the SMTP, IMAP LDAP and OWA are all fine.

What else can I check?
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wildmindukConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
the macs couldn't find the server it seems, so pointed them towards the ip address and they're working now
Please clarify: was the domain completely rebuilt? Was it just one domain controller of many? And can you specify (or attach a screenshot), the error message you are getting?
wildmindukAuthor Commented:
the domain stayed as it was, i just had to run the setup /domainprep command.  This was after i got the error "The store could not be mounted because the Active Directory information was not replicated yet" in exchange

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