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Active Directory Replication Error

I am performing Domain upgradation process from 2003 to 2008 in Lab before to actual deploy in production environment. I have 3 sites, Segregate by router in Lab. And restore Acronis images in lab of Actual servers.
Site-1.....................ServerA (Following Roles 1. RID, 2. PDC, 3. Infra), ServerB (4. Schema master, 2. Domain Naming Master) This is my Head Office and primary site
Site-2......................ServerC (Site Office)
Site-3......................ServerD (Site Office)

As I run Forestprep for Windows Server 2008 on My serverB, it propmt me replication message that all sites should replicate. My Domain Controllers are not replicating. But when i change in Active Directory e.g Making a new user on ServerA and these changes only replicate with ServerD and if a make a new user in ServerB and these changes are only replicate with serverC. It means my serverA and ServerB is replicating with one site at same time.
I have attached all Server logs with their names.

When I start replicate from sites and Services it prompt with following error

"The Destination Server is currently rejecting replication requests"
1 Solution
1.  Can you post some of the actual errors?  The text in the errors in the log can be very helpful.
2.  Are the times in sync on all of the servers, at least within 5 minutes?  Active directory won't replicate with servers that have times that differ by greater than 5 minutes.
3. What are the IP addresses of the servers, which servers host DNS, and what are the servers DNS settings pointing to?

Also try running DCDIAG and NETDIAG.
The replication has not happened from long & due to which your domain controller caused lingering object, which has passed tombstone lifetime value.
The lingering object disbales the replication & in worst case scenarios crashed the dc.
Try repadmin /removelingeringobjects command to remove lingering objects.
You may required to demote & repormote the dc's.
As i can see all your domain controller generates the NTDS replication error,so it might be too late & the only option remaining is to demote & promote the complete model.
Netsol-NOSAuthor Commented:
Thanks all for your prompt response.

I have restored the latest image of my all domain controllers and my all previous error are removed.
Now i have one more issue, I have added new 2008 domain controllers to my primary site and i have tranfer the roles to new 2008 domain controllers. Now i have question, How i have to upgrade my branch office domain controller?

I have added new 2008 domain controller by using dcpromo.exe in site 2. But this server is not visible in my Primary site.
I need your support to upgrade my branch sites.
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