Multiple VLANS and ESXi Managment Interface

I am configuring an ESXi 4 box to host two MS Small Business Servers that need to be isolated from each other.  The two  networks will share a physical infrastucture and will be segmented by means of VLANs.  My question is whether I will then manage the two domains over the primary NIC interface using a vSphere client.  It seems that I'll need to set the management address on the ESXi console directly and then setup  and forever manage the secondary subnet using the IP address of the primary vSphere client.  Right?

I have a 2nd NIC interface installed in the ESXi box and need instructions on how to configure it for use on the secondary IP subnet.  Do I need to set VLAN settings on the ESXi server or can I just set the secondary NIC to a different subnet address and use a layer 3 switch to keep the traffic from the two networks separate?


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CitySecConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Since you have 2 physical NICs installed in the ESXi server, you could configure 1 of the physical NICs with the address for the Management Network (i.e. management address) and use the other for VM traffic.  You could configure 2 port groups with 1 VM in each group and configure these port groups to use VLANs.  Point each port group to the 1 remaining physical NIC.

Make sure the VLAN IDs match those that are configured in your physical switch.
ryder0707Connect With a Mentor Commented:
2 NICs are never enuf so i suggest to add extra in the future to isolate/split traffic

There are 2 ways to do what you want to achieve

1) VST - vSwitch tagging

vSwitch0 - vmnic0 & vmnic1 (assign both as the active adapters in failover policy for redundancy purposes)
Create 3 port groups under vSwitch0

Service console port - vlan 11(explicitly defined in port group)
Port Group PGNet1 - vlan 22(explicitly defined in port group)
Port Group PGNet2 - vlan 33(explicitly defined in port group)

Each port group on its own vlan, configure trunking at physical switch

2) EST - external switch(physical) tagging

Service console1
VM network1

Service console2
VM network2

Each vmnic connected to different VLAN port configured at physical switch
In this case no redundancy for each vSwitch as not enuf physical nic
Trunking is not required
2 service consoles for redundancy purposes
QualitycomputerAuthor Commented:

I will need to do a little homework to better understand the terminology employed in your post.  It looks like you have two viable solutions there.  I'm just not to the point where I can understand what you are telling me.  I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

As a start, refer to this whitepaper
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