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DIB Graphics in Delphi

I need a simple DIB graphics routine in Delphi 2007 to manipulate the alpha value and rotation angle of a bitmap.  I have been using Peter Morris's (www.droopyeyes.com) DIB library, but this seems to conflict with some other software I am using (the CPort serial coms library).  CPort works fine in other contexts, and in the same program with the DIB disabled (further - the DIB software generates a massive number of non-obvious memory leaks, which makes me suspect that something funny is going on).

In a word, what I want is something very simple: a routine to place a bitmap on a Panel (or Canvas) and to be able to control the transparancy and angle of rotation, without any need to modify the original bitmap.
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Hi DanHamm,

Maybe you find these helpful :
RotateScanline  (Rotate Bitmap Any Angle Using Scanline Property)
    ->  http://www.efg2.com/Lab/ImageProcessing/RotateScanline.htm
for the rotation part. Its free with sources.

And Aggpas for the transparency part.
Its the most complete source i've seen so far... And its free.
You can do absolutely anything with it!

You can download the source and compile the :
alpha_gradient.dpr  or alpha_mask.dpr....alpha_mask2.dpr....alpha_mask3.dpr
for the transparency part ... You will be amazed with this source.

Combine the two codes together and you'll get what you need.

I hope i helped you.
I also found this which is exactly what you want :
Antialiased Image Rotation unit v.1.22
Fully functional
Source: Included

  ->  http://www.torry.net/quicksearchd.php?String=Antialiased+Image+Rotation&Exact=Yes&Title=No
DanHammAuthor Commented:
This looks to be exactly what I want.  Thanks!
DanHammAuthor Commented:
Many thanks!

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