Why is one of my computers "hidden" on my home network?

I have just reinstalled Windows XP on one of my computers and now it does not appear in the list of computers on the network. I have tried with it connected wirelessly and connected via an ethernet cable. Using any of the computers including the "hidden" one all computers are listed except the one. Although hidden it is possible to share its files by mapping to a shared folder using the normal name for this computer. I've tried everything I can think of but I remain baffled. I've tried net config server hidden:no but that has no effect.
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LengoreAuthor Commented:
I've solved my own problem. It seems that the comment describing the computer was too long!

Thanks to Jlucht and any others who may have spent time considering my problem.
You do have "Client for Microsoft Networks" installed and checked on the the interface properties correct?  

Have you tried to disable the firewall and refresh.  

You say you can share files to and from this pc.  Are you connecting via IP or netbios name?
LengoreAuthor Commented:
"Client for Microsoft Networks" installed and checked for both interfaces I have tried.

Disabling the Windows firewall does not correct the problem.

In Windows Explorer, Tools menu item allows "Map Network Drive". Using this I can map to a folder on the "hidden" computer from another computer. I map using e.g. \\fred\shared documents where fred is the computer name. The folder "shared documents" on fred then appears as Z: (or whatever drive letter I select).
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