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I have set up a form which has several repeating tables.  I started with one long repeating table and then broke it up to place it in a better view without having to scroll so far to the right.  Unfortunately, I am very new to InfoPath and so didn't realize that if I add two items on one line it will add the extra line on the several tables that are all actually one group.  Is there a way to disconnect these repeating tables into their own group?  

The only way I can think of is to create a new repeating table for each one I moved below the first and then manually delete the fields from the original group and add them to the new group, etc.  This will be incredibly time and effort intensive.  Is there some way to creat a repeating table group in the Data Source area and then move fields to it in mass?
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Clay FoxDirector of Business IntegrationCommented:
Best Practice is to do a lot of pre planning so that you can identify all of your fields up front and create your data source (s) up front.  You should know the bulk of the data you need to collect from the user and how you want to organize it.  This reduces the modifications once you start building the form and the issues it can cause.

Is the data going into a database or anything or just staying in the xml files?

Typically, if you are making a "repeating" group then you should not need multiple versions since it repeats and contains multiple data sets.

You need to understand you can use the same repeating group in multiple views or controls, you do not need multiples for the same data.

You can also hide parts of it in controls or show part of the fields in one location and the rest in an other.

So I think you are making the data source way more complex.

I would recommend performing an autoposy on the sample forms in design mode and look at how the data sources are structured.  That is about as comples as you should get.

Then experiment with making repeating tables, and sections and putting them multiple times on the same view or different views and break them up.

Learning InfoPath takes lots of experimentation. is a good resource too.
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