outlook is appending my local domain to an email address


I am using Outlook 2003 and exchange server 2003 in my corporate environment. When I send an email to a particular user i get a bounced email notification from my SMTP server that says relaying is not allowed. Now the odd part about this is that the email address that is not being allowed is mrjones@jonascompany.com.durastone.com. The email address I am sending my email to is mrjones@jonascompany.com. It seems like Outlook or Exchange is adding my local domain to the end of the email address.

I can copy other people in other domains and they get the email, but mrjones email will bounce. When I sent the email to mrjones@jonascompany.com and copied my yahoo.com account, the email I got at yahoo says that mrjones@jonascompnay.com.durastone.com was copied as well. If I click reply all to that email I got in my yahoo.com account, yahoo.com tries to send to mrjones@jonascompany.com.durastone.com.

Why is Outlook or exchange or something else appending my local domain to this email address?
Robert AdvancedideaAsked:
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Jon BrelieConnect With a Mentor System ArchitectCommented:
Also, you could try a manual message from your exchange server and see if you get any errors.  From a command prompt enter the following:

telnet YourExchangebox 25
helo testmessage
mail from: you@durastone.com
rcpt to: mrjones@jonascompany.com
From: you@durastone.com
to: mrjones@jonascompany.com
subject: test message


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Jon BrelieSystem ArchitectCommented:
Does his address start populating when you begin typing it?  It could be stored wrong in your NK2 file.

If so, hit the delete key to remove the entry, and very carefully type in his full email address manually.
Robert AdvancedideaAuthor Commented:
Thank you for the idea, but I did delete the autopopluated entry and retyped the address. I also checked to see if the address was stored in the contcts that way.

Some more detail aout my network:
I use a smarthost for email delivery. From Exchnage, the Barracuda firewall "checks" the email then on to my smarthost. I am wondering if the barracuda may be contributing, but I don't knwo how it could.
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Jon BrelieSystem ArchitectCommented:
Does mrjones exist anywhere in your directory?  Possibly as a contact in AD?
Robert AdvancedideaAuthor Commented:
No he does not. I did check the AD to see if there was any mrjones users. The company only has 22 users and the AD search came up empty. There is no one with the last name of Jones in the AD.
Robert AdvancedideaAuthor Commented:
Apparently this is a barracuda spam firewall issue. I opened a case with them and they logged in a resolved it, I don't have anymore detail other than that. i will award th epoints to Enphyniti for his quick, and helpful ideas.
Robert AdvancedideaAuthor Commented:
I am awarding the points to Enphyniti, but i don't want anyone else following this thread to think that the answer was given on this forum. I was able to resolve th eissue with barracuda technical support.
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