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Is there a property control for a listbox that can be changed in VBA to modify the font size and/or color?  This would be separate from changing the properties on the items contained within the listbox.  

More specifically, I have a listbox with 6 columns and 20 rows.  I want the headers for the six columns to be gray in color and size 8pt font.  The row items I would like to remain 6 pt font and black in color.  

The data for the listbox is set by using sql: myListbox.rowsource = "[my sql statement]"

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No, you cannot selectively change parts of the standard listbox. Leban's Enhanced ListBox control ( gives you more control. Or you can use a subform instead., "" will give you some help on how to do that.
DatabaseMX (Joe Anderson - Microsoft Access MVP)Database ArchitectCommented:
IF ... you want to spend some $$$

and you get a LOAD of other cool controls with the package ....

just an fyi ....

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