How to stop logging into domain and then again onto sharepoint server

We recently installed MOSS2007 and joined it to our school domain. If a user logs onto his account (active directory) on a client computer and then wants to view the sharepoint based intranet in the browser another login box pops up in which you must enter the local sharepoint administrator username and password even if the person has full rights in sharepoint to view the page. Can anyone help here, do we have to add all of the account from AD to the Sharepoint server as local accounts?
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zephyr_hex (Megan)Connect With a Mentor DeveloperCommented:
it's possible you have an image or something else on the page that's causing this problem.

see here for a more detailed explanation:

my initial guess would be a permissions issue with a file or directory.  i've given some suggestions for how to track that down at the blog above.
quihongConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You have AD, so do not have to use local accounts.

Are you sure you properly granted the users "full rights" to view the page? How did you do this and what rights did you grant?

If its a typical intranet site where all users have read access, just grant the "NT Authority\authenticated users" Read permission to the intranet. Site Settings->Advanced Permission->New->Add User->Add all authenticated users.

Another thing would be to double check that all the content on the intranet page is local to itself, meaning its not referencing a photo or some other content in another site or server.

mccarthybriConnect With a Mentor Commented:
go to ie, tools internet options, security, internet custom level scroll to the bottom and select authenicate with current user name and pw

you can also just addt as a trusted site

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One more question, when the user is prompted can they log in with their domainname\username and password or does only the local SP server administrator account work?

This would tell you if you have a security access issue or a cached password/trusted site issue.
r00tsAuthor Commented:
Quihong:- When prompted they can not use their credentials they must type in the administrator and password for the sharepoint server.
So it sounds like the site permission isn't properly setup. Double check and try granting all authenticated users access like I suggested.
i agree goto the ite collection permissions and in the site collection vistors group add domain\domain users as well
or double check you dont have a picture or something that requires admin rights to see it.  I would also see if they can goto subsites no problem
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