How to convert float value in Varachar

Dear Experts,
I have a table structure is as follows:
CREATE TABLE [dbo].[Text1](
      [TransNo] [float] NULL,
      [SupInv] [float] NULL,
      [OrderNo] [float] NULL

Data which is in the text1 table is 100% correct & I need to update SupInv & OrderNo from Text1 table to into real table with the help of join Transno. Statement As follows:
Update b Set SupInvoiceNo=a.SupInv, OrderNo=b.OrderNo
from Text1 a join Tankers b on a.transno=b.transno

The statement is running successfully, but the data is showing in real table after update like 1.23823e+007 & 1.23824e+007. Please help how to fix this problem.

Please note in real table SupInocieNo & OrderID is varchar(50)
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jorge_torizConnect With a Mentor Research & Development ManagerCommented:

SET @Float = 18267460000000
SET @Value = CAST(@Float AS DECIMAL(15,0))

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