After Exchange database repair/migration of mailboxes to new database BES no longer working

Over the weekend we experienced Exchange database corruption, which required me to repair the database, create a new one, and move all of the mailboxes over to this new database to get us 100% up and working again. Apparently though with this last step (creation of new database, moving of mailboxes to it) our BES server stopped sending email to Blackberry's. I noticed on the BES it says the last contact time is fairly recent, and I checked all BESAdmin permissions and everything seems to be set correctly. Unfortunately though nobody is getting any email on BB's, and when I tried adding a new user it kept telling me to wait for the Blackberry Agent to recognize the user. Any ideas??
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If all else fails, and reactivating is what worked last, try this before wiping the handhelds:
1. rt-click the user | Set Activation Password | enter an Activation Password for the user(s) using BES Manager
2. use Options | Advanced Options | Enterprise Activation on the handheld, use the same email address as handheld is currently activated with, type in your password from step 1
3. Activate
Stacy SpearPresident/Principal ConsultantCommented:
Seems that the permissions haven't been put on the new database. Can they send?
LlewellynITAuthor Commented:
I followed all steps of this document from BB's website to ensure permissions were set, I even run every command that would give the correct permissions just in case.
Making Bulk Changes to Active Directory

Watch this video to see how easy it is to make mass changes to Active Directory from an external text file without using complicated scripts.

BES issues
  Test BB browsing capability
  Test SMS text
  Test GAL lookup
  Test SRP
  Test and verify BESadmin rights/access
  Sent administrative test emails
  Test db connection
  Test BB router network connection
  Use HandheldCleanup.exe -u      * * * *    ;-)
  Restart the BES services
  Restart the BES server

Also see: KB04474 - Handheldcleanup.exe does not detect mailbox moves between mailbox stores

What version of BES are you running???
LlewellynITAuthor Commented:
I am getting emails from the BES routinely that say this now :
(6FFFC39F) -> 9 user(s) failed to initialize

In Help>About in BB Manager it says version

I completely removed one user, power cycled their phone, rebooted the server, re-added them and it looks like they're getting email now. Should I have to do that for every user manually from their phone?
Open BES Manager on the BES server | highlight the server container with all your users | rt-click on the Column bar | within Column Chooser, add the "Mailbox" and the "Mail Server" column

are your users point to the right server and location?
LlewellynITAuthor Commented:
had to manually remove/re-add each user.
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