Exchange 2007 TLS Certificate

I have been requested to provide TLS certificate and if it is self signed i need to provide my private key.

I am running exchange 2007 SP1 and i really do not know where to start.

How and where can i find this information?

Client Request
" Your system must be using TLS Certificate. If your certificate is self signed we will need a copy of your public key to preform certificate validation. " 

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MesthaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Do you already have a commercial certificate for use with Exchange? If so then you don't need anything else, as Exchange does everything for you, including TLS support. No changes required, it is all set out of the box.
If you do not have a commercial SSL certificate then you should do, because the self signed certificates are designed as place holders for a real certificate, not commercial use.

I have instructions on the certificate setup here:

Best way is to purchase a certificate from GoDaddy for use as TLS.

- Start a certificate request on Exchange 2007 using powershell
- Import the certificate using powershell
- Enable the certificate for use for SMTP
- Set the hub transport to all certificate authentication, but not require it
- Ensure that you also allow port 25 traffic from the source IPs of the other email domain
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