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xen server 5.5 snapshot questions

I am thinking about getting the free version of xen server 5.5  for 2 servers
1 will be a primary server with 4 vms on it and another DR server with 4 vms
There will be no SAN devices conencted to these becuase the client is cheap
I need to know if first I can store the snapshots on a spare partition on both servers?
How often can I take a snapshot of each vm?
Does me running a snapshot cause the vm to pause or shutdown?
1 Solution
1. yes.

2. As often as you like

3. No.

Quick and concise... :)  

I can explain a bit further.  The snapshot basically freezes a moment in time.  The data already exists on the disk, and the snapshot freezes that moment.  As you move forward from that moment, the LVHD format of the underlying storage keeps the diffs of the filesystem.  The more writes to your filesystem, the bigger the snapshot will grow.  You can see this happen in terms of the size of the snapshot, and the percentage on disk over time.  You can take another snapshot, and freeze another moment in time.  Wash, rinse repeat, until you fill up your disk.  That's the only limit.  Remember the diffs only get saved, so it would likely take a long time to fill up your disk.  When you delete a snapshot, the diffs get rolled into the newest image.  If you copy a VM, then the original disk gets copied along with all the diffs to make a new disk, that's a full copy.  You can also do a quick copy, which makes another snapshot.  All works great.  I love doing snapshots for easy rollbacks of major system patches or software upgrades.  
mmercaldiAuthor Commented:
Thank you very much
the above yes to part one is something i am interested in.  can you point to any more info on how to do it ?


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