Replacing a Fiber to Base T converter

I currently have a Multimode fiber run from an old HP Advance Stack Hub to a fiber patch panel. From there is travels about 350 feet into another patch panel, and then travels through a 10 fiber patch cable into the HP 10 Base T converter in the picture.

The HP Advance stack will be going away (finally) the fiber connection will be initiated in a Cisco 2950 from its SFP or possible a 3560G-12PS.

The fiber run will not change, just the equipment at both ends, except that I will probably mount the new converter in the fiber patch box at the end point, and do away with one fiber link. So I would need a converter with ST and not SC.

Some of these converters are confusing to me. I need to remove the 10 Base T converter, and place a 100 or a 100/1000 in its place.  Can someone point me to the right converter? I have been looking at TrendNet, but thats not essential.

Also, I specified 100/1000 converter because I might opt to give that user a 1000gbit connection, but I might also want to throttle them back to a 100.  I assume I can buy a converter that will do either?  

Can I also assume that either will work just because the 10BaseT converter in place now works fine? Any Gotch-ya! here I need to consider?

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ajeabConnect With a Mentor Commented:
allied telesis has a very solid product. I still use converter (10/100) that atleast 10 years old and still work great.  as for speed, fiber port can't be config for speed so the best bet is get Gig link to the converter then use 10/100 nic on user computer. this way user is limit to 100 and if you want to upgrade user to Gig you will have to replace NIC card on user computer.

another option is to install fiber NIC card on the computer  then go to card config in windows and set speed limit there. (you can do this on regular NIC as well)
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