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Recovery using eseutil /r /a

Okay, disaster....

Running Exchange 2007 and I get the following error in the event log when trying to start the exchange services:

%1 (%2) %3Database %4 requires log files %5-%6 in order to recover all committed data. Recovery could only locate up to log file %7, and could not locate log generation %8. If the log file cannot be found, the database(s) can be recovered manually, but this will result in losing committed data.

Where the % values are actual values from my database. Looking at the following article:


It says "If the missing log files cannot be located, the recovery can be achieved via running Eseutil /R /A at the expense of the data in the missing log files"

Running eseutil /r /a tells me that I am using invalid parameters. Trying to run eseutil /r e00 says that the file is missing, but I can see that it is definitely there. The client, unbeknown to me, had removed their backup media and I have no working backup of their data. Can something be done?
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Justin OwensITIL Problem ManagerCommented:
Process Defined - Eseutil /R Recovery Mode:
Process Explained - How to Run Eseutil /R (Recovery)
You can run eseutil /r /a log prefix /l "Path of log files" /d "Path of database files" /s "Path of check point file"  & let me know status ..
medium_gradeAuthor Commented:
How do I find the path to the checkpoint file?

So far, I have this:

eseutil /r /a e00 /d "C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\Mailbox\First Storage Group\"
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medium_gradeAuthor Commented:
Looking at the Event Log, I see the following:

eseutil (4840) Error -1811 (0xfffff8ed) occurred while opening logfile C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\e00.log

Why is it trying to look in that directory for the log file?
medium_gradeAuthor Commented:
Okay, I was able to get it back online. I ran these two commands:

eseutil /r /a e00 /d "C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\Mailbox\First Storage Group\" /s "C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\Mailbox\First Storage Group"


eseutil /p "C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\Mailbox\First Storage Group\Mailbox Database.edb"

Where "C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\Mailbox\First Storage Group" and "Mailbox Database.edb" were the names of my database directory and database file respectively.

The first, recovers the database from the existing log files and the second performs a repair on the database for inconsistencies.
Justin OwensITIL Problem ManagerCommented:
Glad you got it back online.
medium_gradeAuthor Commented:
For a forum in which a person is paying to post questions and get solutions, doing more than simply posting a links to external sources would be appreciated.
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