How do I disable script & execute permission in IIS7 for a specific site subdirectory?

In IIS 6, it was straightforward to disable script / execute permissions for a single directory within a web site. But how do I do this in IIS 7? Where is the equivalent permissins dialog? I want to disable all script and execute permissions within a single subdirectory of an existing web site. .
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Yeah, it's a little hidden now.

To change this in IIS 7, go to your site that you want to change the permissions on, and open up the 'Handler Mapings' module-->Edit Feature Permissions.  There you can set Read, Script, and/or execute
James MurrellProduct SpecialistCommented:
lesterw2Author Commented:
Typical Microsoft... take a common user action and bury the new UI in an obscure location. lol
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