MS Access Forms to Update/ Insert data in Sql Server 2005

Hi I have my Data base on Sql Server 2005 and My data Base Constitutes of Some 20 Tables. Now I have to Design a Form(s) in MS Access 2007 to insert/ Update the data into the Database. I Can any one suggest a  good Material or Some Links or any idea on Doing this task. Thanks in Advance..

My Requirement is Like

1) User Wants to Select a table From the Drop Down List
2) User Wants to Select the Keyvalue  in that Table
3) So that all the Information that was there for that key record should be Shown
4) User wants to Modify/ Change the record
5) User has to Update the Record.
What all I have to do is to create a Form/ Macro/Design a Page Where user wants to do all these in Access and the Data will be in Sql server.
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Scott McDaniel (Microsoft Access MVP - EE MVE )Connect With a Mentor Infotrakker SoftwareCommented:
To be a bit more in detail:

You can connect your Access database to a SQL Server in various ways. The recommended method is to use Linked Tables. In most cases, it's better to build the tables directly on the server using SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS), and then use File - External Data - Link Tables to build the links to those tables.

Once you do that, the tutorials suggested by Gary should get you started.  Note also that is you are using Bound forms (that is, your form is built based on a table, and all your controls have a ControlSource listed), then Access will handle the updating and such of the data - you don't have to do anything.

I'm not sure about your concept of 'select a table' ... generally, tables in a relational database are not interchangeable, which means you need a different form for each table/query. If you have multiple tables with identical structures, then you have a design flaw.

Please further clarify what you mean by "select a keyvalue" ...
KuldeepReddyAuthor Commented:
I have Linked my Sql Tables in Access using Linked Tables, How ever the problem is that I have 25 tables in sql server that needs to be Updated and the Column names that needs to be updated in these 25 tables are the same. Is there a way That I can Design a Form Like

1) Select a table from a List Of available tables.
2) Update the required info

Key value here is nothing but a value or an Id column in that particular table to select a record from that table to Update the Info.
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